Take a spooky tour!

It's a veritable ghost rodeo here in Denver! Let's explore some of our most possessed premises. Turn up your sound and follow the boney hand to the right.

The Brown Palace Hotel

Room 904 is haunted by the ghost of a prank caller who has nothing better to do than waste the front desk's time. The nerve!

The Croke-Patterson Mansion

Terrified residents have reported hearing an otherworldly croak followed by unexplained pattering noises, hence the name of this building.

The Molly Brown House

The twenty or so ghostly apparitions that lurk here have one titanic problem that surely gives them a sinking feeling: they all must share a single bathroom.

The Denver Public Library

Purportedly, this building is haunted by the tormented souls of those who have been ridiculed to their literal deaths for pronouncing it "libary".

The Oxford Hotel

The bartenders here expertly serve all kinds of spirits, including one particularly pickled poltergeist who complains about the price of beer and then vanishes… without paying, naturally.

Happy Halloween!

Pleasant screams, boils and ghouls! From your dear fiends at Zubzuba Studio